TBV solutions help remote and dynamic content for displays across various industries and applications, including retail, hospitality, corporate communications, education, travel & leisure, healthcare, transportation and entertainment. 

Our features that satisfy consumption of immersive communication are:

  • Content Creation (Images, videos, animation, text overlay)
  • Content Management (Categorisation, tagging, metadata)
  • Scheduling (playback at specific dates, times, durations, automated content rotation, playlists)
  • Remote Management (Access & control, real-time monitoring, updates, troubleshooting)
  • Interactivity (Touchscreens, sensors, mobile integration)
  • Analytics (Tracking & reporting on audience engagement, content views, display uptime, optimisation, ROI)
  • Integration (Content Management Systems, social media platforms, data feeds, data-driven content delivery for ioT devices for enhanced functionality)
  • Security (User authentication, access controls, encryption, secure data transmission protocols)
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